domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012


De decorador? vá pra Russia...e compre um 8X8!

All-terrain vehicles manufactured by AVTOROS are intended for use in conditions of the Far North, Siberia and the Far East. For operation on soils with low bearing capacity, crossing marshlands, water obstacles as well as use in extreme conditions.

As for today first pre-production prototypes of the ATV with plastic and aluminium body were developed and produced for future life tests.

Рre-production model аll-terrain vehicles Z-83

EngineZMZ 5148.10 diesel, intercooler
Engine displacement2,235 l
Laden mass3700 kg
Load capacity on firm groundup to 1500 kg
on soft groundup to 1000 kg
Seats5 to 10 people
Length6200 mm
Width2500 mm
Height2400 mm
Wheel span1850 mm
Clearance470 mm
Fuel tank capacity250 l
TyresAVTOROS X TRIM extra-low pressure
Recommended speed

80 km\h

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